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Our cattle eat all the tall grasses that the chickens can't eat.

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The chickens follow the cattle, eating the tender shoots and spreading the cattle manure around. Here at the farm there are acres, consisting of meadows and forest. The pigs are moved to fresh pasture weekly. Say cheese!! You can purchase a half or a whole pig.

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We have a local custom processor who does an excellent job. Deposits are nonrefundable, except in the case of an unexpected event in regard to the life of the animal. It has various forms and variations, like "orcoddio", " dio porco ", "dio maiale" ecc Porco dio che male! Porco dio it hurts!

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An italian insult , calling God a pig. It is widely used in Italy, although badly seen from very strict catholic people.

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Most people say it when they're alone or with somebody they know dare saying porco dio when you're with somebody you don't know at all! Other forms that mean the same thing are: orcoddio, orco dio and dio porco. It can also be mixed up with other words that are usually insult to other people or also other swearings see example b for usage , although these forms are rarely used and usally it's because something really bad happened.

Dio porco schifoso bastardo! Fucking hell what a pain!

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No eh diocan digli che i signori sono fuori, non ho tempo per stargli dietro. Tell them we're out, we don't have time for their shit.

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