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Dead of Night is a medieval-period, fantasy-themed world whose denizens, when slain, can rise as the undead to walk the night. It offers over hunting areas, many of which are original, for a total of over 13, rooms, and new zones are being built all the time. Add to that twelve classes, unlimited multiclassing, and hundreds of skills and spells to learn, and you'll find that there is always something new to try or to explore.

Races include human, dwarf, hobbit, elf, half-elf, gnome, half-orc, and lycanthrope shifter , as well as the custom races vampire and mer-folk. Classes include warrior, cleric, psionist, shapeshifter, paladin, thief, mage, ranger, and druid, as well as the custom classes bard, monk, and blackguard anti-paladin. Once you have found the Gravestone, interact with it and it will form a statue nearby that is made out of the branches that you just collected. Use the charged shot from Alistair's Annihilator to light the ground below the statue on fire - this could take several attempts.

When ground catches on fire, step into the orange glow and you will now enter into the Afterlife Mode and become invisible to other players on the map. Head into the mansion and search each of the different rooms for a ghost.

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Once found, follow the ghost until she begins to burn. Once she disappears, yet another Stone Slab will appear. Interact with the Stone Slab all at once and you will yet again be required to fight off waves of Zombies , Vampires, and Werewolves. Once the waves have finished, collect the Stone Slab. If so, you will need to find and locate a Fire Gate Energy Core.

These energy cores can be found all over the map, simply just search each of the different rooms and locations across the map and you should find one without any problems. With the trap active, use the charged shot from Alistair's Annihilator to shoot at the fire, which should turn it blue. With the fire now blue, equip your shield and walk through the blue flames. With your shield now glowing blue, melee four different fireplaces across the map in a specific order.

It's important note that fireplaces must be lit in order for this step to work. This step is also timer based, so don't take too long going in between each locations. Repeat the steps above and complete the following two sets of fireplaces in the order suggested below. After you have successfully completed each set, the last fireplace will drop a crystal that needs to be collected. With all three energy cores collected, you must now interact with three Knights that are located across the map.

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Upon interacting with the Knights, you will place the energy cores into their armor, causing them to crumble to the ground. Once they have crumbled, an energy core will appear in it's place. You must then escort the energy core walking works best to a randomly spawned ritual circle in the Forest. When walking over the ritual circle, the energy core will stay inside the circle. Repeat this for each of the remaining two Knights. Once all energy cores have been placed inside the ritual circles, interact with them to spawn a Spectral Knight.

You must now kill zombies near the Spectral Knights to charge them with souls. As they become charged, they will slowly begin to move towards the Pack-a-Punch machine, where they will eventually form a triangle. Once the triangle is formed, Werewolves will begin to spawn. More filters. Sort order. Dead of Night In Death Four story of walking on the dark side. Eve and Roarke hunts a vampire or someone who think he is one. Good read. Jan 16, Ye'Vell Hopkins rated it liked it.

I enjoyed three out of the four stories. It was a good way to pass the time on a few rainy days. Dec 19, Kara Jorges rated it liked it. As with most anthologies, this one offers some good novellas sandwiched between others of lesser caliber. This story had a very dark feel and would have set the stage nicely for something in a similar ve As with most anthologies, this one offers some good novellas sandwiched between others of lesser caliber. This story had a very dark feel and would have set the stage nicely for something in a similar vein.

This story lacked cohesiveness, as well as a smooth and believable beginning. What could have been a colorful trip into the past instead fell flat. In his arms, and in the company of their son, she discovers deep and abiding true love, before the intrigue she has landed in threatens to take it all away. This is a richly-woven tale with deep feelings and exciting intrigue, well worth the read.

Jan 23, Amanda rated it it was ok. I, like a lot of people it seems, only picked up this book because of the Eternity in Death story.

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The vampire theme was fun and added supernatural elements without going past reality into true supernatual territory, which in my opinion doesn't belong in Eve Dallas' world unlike Haunted in Death which took the supernatural too far. As an anthology on the whole, Dead of Night did not I, like a lot of people it seems, only picked up this book because of the Eternity in Death story.

As an anthology on the whole, Dead of Night did not make much sense to me.

Why we are drawn to dark interfaces.

The following three novellas, "Amy and the Earl's Amazing Adventure", "Timeless" and "On the Fringe" are your basic romantic fiction, all with some sort of variation on time travel. None of these stories live up to "Eternity in Death", and I can't figure out why they are all collected together in one book. Most anthologies have a running theme or some thread to loosely tie the stories together, to give them a reason to live together in one book, but this one really missed the mark.

Oct 06, Beth moonivy rated it really liked it Recommends it for: J. Robb fans. Robb's Eternity in Death. I readily admit that I'm an "In Death" junkie - any book that includes Roarke is an immediate buy for me. That aside, the last few In Death books have been vaguely disappointing. Not that I don't like those too, LOL, but I did appreciate this rather straight-forward, not emotionally overcharged mystery.

And it was a delight to see Peabody back in good side-kick form.

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Highly recommended for fans of the series, despite the utter lack of interest the other three novellas by other authors held for me. And I did skim and try them.

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Jun 12, Vanessa marked it as to-read Shelves: wishlist , j-d-robb , keep. This is a book with 4 Novellas. I've already read the J. Robb stories but not some of the others. The one included in this book is Eternity in Death. Eve is investigating a murder in which it appears that the victim was done in by a vampire. The case does lead Eve and her team to some interesting places and people.

Roarke's a little in to the woo-woo well, you can't be too careful, can you? Peabody's hilarious in this one. I haven't read the rest of the stories and so I won't rate the overall book just yet.

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Eternity in Death, though, gets a 5 star! May 04, Jennifer Wardrip rated it really liked it Shelves: jens-personal-read. Although I don't really like historicals, I enjoyed this short story. Jan 24, RaChelle Holmberg rated it it was amazing. Downloaded from my public library, this was a great collection of four novellas. I chose it for the JD Robb " In Death" story, which was my favorite, but really enjoyed two more stories time travelling highlander, in particular but the last one magic carpet has me completely stymied.

Quite convoluted and just didn't come together for me, but, that said, it's making me think. I recommend the book,. Dec 06, Valerie Robertson rated it liked it. It was a good short story, and like other "short stories" too short. Too quick to the conclusion, but normal for this format. I'm not a big vampire fan, so didn't really get into the story.

But it was well written and a quick, short break into Eve's world. May 11, Katie rated it really liked it. Only read Eternity in Death. I liked this one. The whole vampire vibe.