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He returned this reasoning when Cassie wanted to go and try and save Evan when he was taken by Vosch's soldiers. He told her that she couldn't risk everything, including her brother, all for a guy. But he didn't listen to her and neither did she. The last time they ever speak, Cassie makes Ben promise to take care of her brother and he said he would protect him with his life. She then kisses him on the cheek and told him that he should do it with his death.

A year after Cassie dies, Ben sometimes dwells on what Cassie really died for when there are moments of human brutality like when people are still holding guns up at one another. Ben keeps to his promise to Cassie and watches over her brother and tries to get him to be less aggressive though it is a slow progress. When Sam couldn't sleep as he misses his sister, Ben takes him to see the stars and fondly tells him the story of Cassiopeia. Sam has become somewhat of a little brother to Ben.

It helps that he is the same age as his little sister. He tries to shield him from the horrors of their new world as best he can to try and preserve what innocence Sam has left. Ben is also not afraid of showing any genuine affection for him and helps him with any kind of problem that he may have. Though, Ben has also made sure that Sam stays strong and keeps out of unnecessary trouble when he starts to step out of line.

When the fighting begins to escalate further, Ben sees how much Sam is eager to join in the fight and while he tries to make Sam stay back and out of the gist of it, he eventually relents and lets Sam have his back. He realizes that if he says no, then Sam will just sneak off to join him anyway and would rather have him in his sights then just pop up when he doesn't expect him. He unofficially appoints Sam to be Megan's bodyguard and lets him have his own gun.

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Ben still protects him but comes to realize that Sam doesn't need as much protection as he and his sister Cassie seem to think he does. When the 5th Wave is stopped and The Others' spaceship is destroyed, Ben has taken to become Sam's guardian as he had promised his sister. He tries to teach Sam things that normal kids should know and get him to enjoy his childhood but still struggles a bit against the soldier mentality that Sam still lingers to. Especially when it comes to mercy when they find a former Camp Haven soldier and Sam believes that they should just shoot him. When Sam goes to him on how much he misses his sister and Ben tells him the story of a princess named Cassiopeia and her role of importance with guarding the 'realm'.

When Sam asks what that is, Ben points to his heart to tell him that the human heart is the most valuable thing they have. Ben was shocked when he first met Evan and learned that he was an Other. He doesn't really know what to make of him or of what he has told Cassie of the Others in general.

The next time they meet, the two immediately get into a brawl and Ben believes that Evan was the enemy all along. The entire time that Evan is with them Ben is firmly against believing what he says or listening to his advice. He also doesn't seem to like how much faith that Cassie has in him. Cassie is the central source of his animosity towards him.

It could come from the fact that he had also had so much faith in a person that turned out to be an Other, Vosch, who had then betrayed him in every possible way. He could believe that Evan might be doing to her what Vosch did to him. However, when Ringer returns to them with the truth behind the Silencers, as well as the fact that she now is one, he becomes confused with him.

He still thinks that Evan can't be fully trusted but after Cassie sacrifices herself he finds himself letting go of his mistrust and hate of him. He helps to restore Evan's memories and they go off and work together to build a new life on a Colorado farm. A year of this has made the both of them friends. When Evan wants to go to the military bases in North and South America that are still functioning because most would have Others' technology, Ben tells him that taking revenge like this won't bring Cassie back.

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Evan tells him that it is what he has to do in order to keep the remaining Silencers from killing more innocent people. Ben threatens to kill him in order to stop the bloodshed but Evan smiles at him and tells Ben that he is no killer. There is no one that Ben respects more and would trust at his side than Ringer. He finds her to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy people that he knows. As well as the stiffest and toughest.

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At first Ben didn't have Ringer's respect as her squad leader but soon she began to look to him for leadership after their first mission. It is his private mission to somehow get Ringer to laugh, even for a split second.

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He also shows that he cares for her safety when he wishes her luck and tells her to be careful when she goes to conduct a solo scouting mission away from the Squad. When Ben and the others have based themselves in a new safe house, he doesn't feel comfortable knowing that Ringer has no clue what has happened and has probably returned to where they used to be and found it gone.

He prepares to move out to find her, against both Cassie and Evan's attempts to dissuade him, and heads for where Ringer had been going. When he does manage to find her, he sees that she isn't alone but is mistrustful of her new companion when she seems to know things about Ringer that he never did, like her real name Marika, which she didn't even tell him. When it was revealed that her new 'friend' was a silencer, he asked her why and revealed that she had become one too, to his shock.

Despite that, she still insists that she's on their side and that they continue to fight together just the same as before.

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  • When Ringer leaves to head to the base and help Cassie save Evan and kill Vosch, Ben tries to coax another smile from Ringer by giving her a small kiss but she refuses to smile because 'it wouldn't be real'. After the 5th Wave is beaten and The Others' spaceship is destroyed, Ben and Ringer Marika now , end up together and raise her daughter Cassie.


    They've also taken to taking care of Sam and Megan alongside Evan before he leaves them. His betrayal by Vosch had left Ben with a serious mistrust and personal loathing on anything relating to the Others which most likely is the root of his contempt for Evan Walker.

    Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I don't miss him. Ben was wuss. A thumbsucker. Not Zombie.

    Zombie is everything Ben wasn't. Contents [ show ]. Ben thinking of his sister while looking at her locket. Categories :. Narration: I am a narrator snob. The story is told from two points of view, so that is why we get a male and female narrator. When the two characters are together, the narrators get to play off each other, the narration really shines. The narration is great. Can't wait for the next installment! I can't even begin to explain how happy I was to find out this was Eric's journey. I wondered many times what happened to him while listening to The End of the World series.

    In the beginning I wasn't sure how I was going to like these characters.


    Sylvia has mommy issues and she can be very self-deprecating. But she quickly grew on me. I really enjoyed the City aspect of this book, knowing how they would manage in NYC was really different from the other part of this world. Eric was a great characters from the beginning, I love how he just coasts along making his was into NYC. He is a great hero. I also love how such different groups of people find a way to help each other in this book. The details of the city travel is awesome, I felt like I was in the ruins of New York with these characters when they were trying to make their way from place to place.

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