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Romance Yourself 3. Share Tweet Filed Under: Strive for Excellence. Comments Vidya Sury says. February 10, at am.

12 Productivity Hacks to Get Stuff Done - By

Arvind Devalia says. February 10, at pm. Vidya, your grandmother sounds like an amazing woman! And yes, please do go ahead and make a high school version for your son:- Just imagine if the children today could learn all this self -development stuff and they were able to manage their life in 15 minute chunks!

Wow — what a different world we can create as our legacy Paige simple mindfulness says. Thank you Arvind! Paige, clearly the examples I shared were from my world — I have no experience of dealing with children and pets:- Good luck with applying my 15 minute chunking idea…. Tess The Bold Life says. Tess, you are funny! Fran Sorin says.

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Welcome to the world of high productivity and world of making a difference…. Hiten says.

Kimmie Gibbons says. February 11, at am. Kimmie, welcome to my blog. Yes, anyone can accomplish something by focussing on it for just 15 minutes. Good luck! Angela, recognition of my genius writing at last:- Yes, zap that in-box in 15 minutes! Sylvia Ngoma says. Sylvia, welcome to my blog.

How the Pomodoro Technique Works

Noch Noch be me. Enoch, welcome to the exclusive but growing club of people who do things in 15 minute chunks Anup sodha says. February 11, at pm.

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February 13, at pm. Anne-Sophie says. February 12, at pm. Anne-Sophie, let today be the first day of you working in 15 minute chunks! And watch your productivity increase dramatically Cathy Treatment Talk says. February 14, at am. Hi Arvind, Fifteen minute chunks is definitely doable and a good way to start small and get more done. Cathy, yes anything is doable in 15 minute chunks — start small and get it all done:- Best way of avoiding getting side-tracked online is to close all your browsers windows and tabs — or better still just physically disconnect from the internet!

Betsy at Zen Mama says. February 20, at am. February 27, at am. Betsy, welcome to the world of productive people who make it happen in 15 minute chunks Steve White says. February 23, at am. Tathata says. February 24, at am. Monica Booth says. February 24, at pm. Monica, welcome to my blog. Bhairavi says.

Bhairavi, welcome to my blog! And good luck with effectively doing more in 15 minute chunks. Danyelle Franciosa says. March 8, at pm. Jussi, funny! Lori Lynn Smith says.

The secrets behind four-minute meetings and scrapping your to-do list.

March 20, at pm. March 21, at pm. Lori, welcome to my blog!

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  8. Yes, almost anything can be done in 15 minute zones. Good luck with having many inspiring 15 minute chunks Hannah says. September 25, at am. Hannah, welcome to my blog!

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    The Ultimate Guide to The Pomodoro Technique

    Great that you are going to start today in 15 minute chunks Good luck with the painting and drawing Daniella says. My business is in a tough, tiny niche. We develop software to help farmers produce more food on the same land by improving their field topography via earthworks using machines controlled by high accuracy GPS. Like I said; tough, tiny niche. But it proves if you can deliver real value you can be rewarded with a portion of that value. That is a core skill you will learn in Successly. One of the best ways to live to your potential and create the life you dream is to model your life on someone who has already been there.

    I was where you are a few years ago. I know how hard it is to get traction, momentum and to get your unique value into the world.

    So to get you started I have a special offer. We will go over your progress so far, any sticking points and where your aiming to go.