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While the topicality would have appealed to students, Ms Gavenda said the text was challenging and students would need to have taken their time to go through it and read the questions carefully. Here, students were asked what of their everyday habits that they should change in order to save the world. More topicality in the diary question, about attending a concert, and the email option, where the task was to congratulate a friend for getting a place in college.

Katherine Donnelly CAO points for college entry have crashed the point limit for the first time.

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Leaving Cert higher level French: 'An extremely topical and relevant paper' Stock picture. Most Read Most Shared.

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Irish News Young man died in prison after suffering three alcohol withdrawal seizures in space of Use of supplementary material is also recommended. All students will also demonstrate grammar analysis and manipulation of syntax. Learning a language requires regular study throughout the two years of the course, as proficiency in the language can only be built up gradually. A student who is prepared to work can do well in these subjects.

Many colleges have a language as a course entry requirement, e. European Studies, Languages or Marketing. Industry and employers rate language skills highly.

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French The course is based on the communicative method of studying languages. French is useful for travel and a wide variety of careers. Download the leaving cert French Syllabus. Download the leaving cert French Chief Examiner's Report Part 1 — The Journalistic Comprehension : This means that the text is either a newspaper or a magazine article.

This section often has a TITLE that you must read and try to understand as it will give you a hint regarding the contents of the text. Part 2 — The literary comprehension : this is an extract from a novel 1 page or even half a page sometimes. There MAY be some kind of introduction before the text in order to give you some details regarding the characters, places, times This occurs only if it is absolutely necessary for students to understand the text. Bear in mind that the structure of sentences and the vocabulary used in this section can be a little more difficult than in Section 1.

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There are 6 questions to answer : 5 in French and the 6th one in English. Understanding the questions is just as important as understanding the text, therefore, make a note of the following key words, which will help you answer the questions properly :.

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  • Question 1.
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This means that you must change as little as possible from the original sentence i. There is one in each comprehension. This question is based solely on the text and the understanding you have of it. The question is designed to show the examiner that you understood the gist of the text. The question will refer to a particular aspect of the text, on which you have to give your opinion, based on the text i.

You must complete 3 tasks in this section.