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Goodness me, no. Perish the thought. We have the unimpeachable assurance of no less a figure than Lady Hale, President of the Supreme Court. Otherwise we may have got the wrong impression. Bercow has spent the last three years bending the rules, conniving with Remain ultras to turn the relationship between MPs and the executive on its head.

Boris Johnson pictured addressing US business leaders at Hudson Yards in New York with Liz Truss has damned the Supreme Court's humiliating judgment on his decision to prorogue Parliament and said he disagrees with the ruling. He will fly back from New York tonight to face the music in the Commons.

Watching the self-styled Remain Alliance bouncing up and down on the steps of the court afterwards, we could have been forgiven for concluding this judgment had everything to do with Brexit. Why, otherwise, were they so violently opposed to Boris Johnson suspending Parliament for five weeks? Lady Hale delivers the verdict of the Supreme Court as they ruled that Boris broke the law when he shut down Parliament. The House would break up in the summer and not reconvene until after the party conference season in October.

So what was the big deal? If only. They never shut up. No, the real reason they were feigning outrage is that Boris would have denied them a few extra days to frustrate Brexit. Not that the submissions before the court reflected that. The plaintiffs insisted they were simply interested in defending parliamentary sovereignty. Boris Johnson pictured meeting Donald Trump in New York tonight made no effort to hide his anger at the bombshell verdict from the Supreme Court, which found his decision to prorogue the Commons for five weeks was 'unlawful, void and of no effect'.

The only reason Gina Miller is so keen on Parliament is that her best chance of blocking Brexit altogether lies with the overwhelming number of Remainer MPs determined to overturn the result of the referendum. This is the wealthy businesswoman who said that when she realised Britain had voted Leave she felt physically sick. Not once but twice. They can afford the best lawyers and finance legal action right up to the Supreme Court.

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Why don't we drag John Bercow in front of the Supreme Court?

Speaking at Labour conference this evening, Mr Corbyn insisted he will not table a confidence vote or support a motion for an early poll until after October 19 - when a rebel law passed by Remainers obliges Mr Johnson to beg the EU for a Brexit extension. Boris has been found guilty of playing fast and loose with parliamentary precedent. But Bercow has spent the last three years bending the rules, conniving with Remain ultras to turn the relationship between MPs and the executive on its head.

Where, for that matter, is the precedent for Parliament deliberately refusing to implement the result of a referendum for which they voted and promised to honour? I love the staff and all the effort they put into their job.

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Forget Greenland, why doesn't Donald Trump buy Great Britain?

I appreciate the love I have seen there. Everybody is ready to learn and grow together. I am the music and performing arts teacher here and I will say this. I take music very seriously. I am a musician and producer so pretty much this is my life. As far as me being mean I have every right and reason to push these children to their full potential when it comes to music. I accept nothing less than their best. This is why we now have three successful concerts and a graduation under our belts. You're not going to get some guy playing a guitar singing with sock puppets you are getting the real deal.

Oh and truth be told no other day care is going to have a program like mine at the level I'm doing it at. The children who have been in band with me can read music and play real instruments. Of course I'm not looking for the next Beethoven but as long as they want to learn it can and will be a fun experience and once they taste the sweet taste of victory as they just not too long ago have with their Christmas concert it makes them want to keep going and improve their skills for the next event which will be this spring and one for the summer.

The process might not be pretty but the end result is and if any child steps out of line yes I will discipline and take full control of my classroom.

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I don't put up with disrespect on any level so if that makes me mean then I'm the meanest of them all. Thank you for reading :- come back and see us real soon.

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