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Do we really not yet know if cellphones cause cancer? Is it possible to boost the immune system? Will caffeine really make me live longer? Underneath the curiosity factor and his nerdy charm, Hamblin conveys useful information. Humans communicate primarily through story.

We tell our spouses stories about our day. An article in this magazine is called a story.

Our understanding of the past comes to us in stories, too, from mythology and religion down to the tale Grandpa has told a thousand times about walking 7 miles to school through snow. Delivered in the form of one vivid story after another, they resonate in the mind.

Inspiring Conscious Changemakers

His approach to creativity is refreshingly counterintuitive. Entrepreneur and angel investor Randy Gage holds forth on everything from branding to memes, virtual reality and more. Mad Genius is irreverent, bold, occasionally wacky, and ultimately satisfying and surprising. Surfers have produced a number of innovative products and successful businesses, including the GoPro camera. Louis Patler, who is both a consultant and surfer, offers a point plan on how to develop the characteristics successful surfers and entrepreneurs share, beginning with learning to swim.

The others: get wet; decide to ride; always look outside; commit, charge, shred; paddle back out; never turn your back on the ocean; dare big; never surf alone; stay stoked. These metaphors prove to be surprisingly powerful teaching tools that stick in the mind.

As a result, the best time management book is the one you will use. That said, it is hard to imagine a better treatment than this one from Brian Tracy. He uses plain language, forcefully delivered, to lay out a concise program. Each chapter closely examines related principles and practices; for example, making a science of the humble to-do list.

This no-nonsense approach will work for anyone who tries it. Thanks to digital technology, selling has become more pressured than ever. Familiar time management tools are as antiquated as a push mower. Sales expert Jill Konrath has a few new ideas, which she shares with authority. Design a system for your unique strengths, and insulate yourself from distraction with positive tools.

The Power of Your Mind

Boost your success with powerful lessons on self-discipline , the art of concentration, mental and spiritual immunity, creating habits and other powerful principles from speeches by the personal-development legend Napoleon Hill. Alice realizes identity is both fluid and fixed, a fact that allows conflicts to be resolved. Shapiro has written a book of psychological, social and political significance. First Amazon came for the bookstores. Then Google came for the newspapers.

Now Uber has come for the taxi and rental car companies. And your business is next. In fact, no one behaves rationally, leaving emotion to dominate pressure situations.

71 of 2016’s Best Books to Make You Successful

After all, life is one negotiation after another—from buying a car to starting a business to asking for a raise. Voss illustrates points with anecdotes from his FBI career, lending the book some suspense—rare for a business treatise. Now she contributes to another dawning genre: the commencement speech published as a book.

At 80 pages, a fine gift book. Novak is puzzled why recognition is used so little in the business world. To get the word out, he writes a parable about Jeff Johnson, the new CEO, trying to save his family toy company.

Chapter 12 “Teetering on the Brink of Prosperity “ –

To Anthony Iannarino the secrets to becoming a top sales professional are not complicated. Divided into two sections, the book devotes one chapter each to principles for an effective mindset in addition to self-discipline, these are optimism, caring, competitiveness, resourcefulness, initiative, persistence, communication, accountability and influence. Part two covers skill-set principles closing, prospecting, storytelling, diagnosing, negotiating, business acumen, change and leadership. Kristi Ling wants to smash the idea that happiness is a lucky accident that befalls some people but not others.

Part I focuses on how to change defeatist attitudes. Part II devotes five chapters to restructuring mornings to support daily happiness. All three sections provide actionable steps, worksheets and tools. This may seem like a touchy-feely book. Moore and Phillips, a management coach and an M. The authors show how to identify and manage the parts of this internal system.

Anders Ericsson, a Florida State University research psychologist, has studied gifted people in chess, sports, music and medicine for more than 30 years. Jenny Blake used the sabbatical in to launch her first book, and it went so well she launched a consulting firm instead of returning to Google. In Pivot, she shares what she has learned about making a successful career change.

Constant change is the new reality, Blake writes.

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Based on her own experience, she developed a four-stage process: Double down on strengths, interests, and experiences; seek new opportunities and develop fresh skills without discouragement; run small experiments to determine your next step; and take smart risks to confidently launch in a new direction. By Geoffrey G. Parker, Marshall W.

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  8. The authors of this book, two academics and an analyst, argue that digital platforms will disrupt legacy businesses for the foreseeable future. They acknowledge that this is not altogether good—thousands will face unemployment, as when Craigslist demolished newspaper classified advertising. But it will also generate billions in value and provide unforeseen opportunities for those who know how it works. Winning big today means playing big, according to the authors of this enthusiastic but serious book. And that means creating a new game with new rules and then dominating it.

    The authors conducted interviews and analyzed data to peer into the inner workings of revolutionary companies such as Amazon, Uber and IKEA in pursuit of transformative ways of doing business. Category design may derive primarily from examples in the tech industry, but the authors promise that it applies to any business. Being broke forces you to dig deeply—to trust and invest in yourself. His story and that of the other entrepreneurs he profiles prove that success requires perseverance, creativity, ingenuity and a hefty dose of hustle.

    The Power of Broke is an entertaining mix of practical advice, success stories and behind-the-scenes Shark Tank tales. Psychologist Steve Levinson and executive coach Chris Cooper show readers how to combat the inner resistance that stops people from turning good intentions into actions.


    Leaving the scientific jargon for the classroom, Cuddy masterfully illuminates the complex relationship between what we think and how we present ourselves. More than a valuable and fresh look at how we present ourselves to others, Presence is a well-written, absorbing read. Writing in the calming tones of a smart and kind older sister, she avoids the sentimentality that could easily ruin such a message. None is more relevant than the quote she attributes to F. If you find that you are not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again. Authors Shane Cragun and Kate Sweetman, co-founders of a global management and consulting firm, provide an overview of current thinking on disruption and change.

    Applied strategically, their principles will greatly benefit managers, entrepreneurs and even ordinary individuals.