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His passion for the sea is reflected in his prolific output, which includes works of both fiction the Nathaniel Drinkwater series and non-fiction recently, The Sea Warriors, published by Constable. Richard Woodman spent over 30 years at sea. His prolific output includes fiction Nathaniel Drinkwater series and non-fiction recently, The Sea Warriors.

Richard Woodman is best known for his Nathaniel Drinkwater series of historical naval novels. Born in London in Richard joined his first ship at the age of 16 and spent over 30 years at sea. Married with two adult children, he lives in Harwich. The World According to Anna. Wheels of Terror.

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Imprint Sphere. More books by Richard Woodman. Left loading This book touched me and made me think about the hard life people had during WWII, and I am still thinking about the characters even though I am finished with the book. I look forward to reading more books by Mary Casanova! Has anyone else read The Klipfish Code?

Or have you read another book by Mary Casanova? We would love to hear your thoughts! Tuesday, July 23, Answer to Monday's Riddle! Get the Code: Monday, July 22, Monday's Riddle!

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A Secret Way In Friday, July 19, A Gathering of Characters :. Roundtable Feature: Alligators Overhead by C. Lee Mckenzie. We have lots of questions ready for you guys. Pete- Aunt Lizzie has more to her than meets the eye. What is the best part about living with her? Pete: That's easy. She's a darned good cook. Her pot roast is the best in the world and when she's not giving the mayor what she says is "a piece of her mind" she even bakes pies.

Apple's my favorite, but strawberry's a close second. Then there's her pancakes.

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I'm making myself hungry here. Fairday: You two seem to get into quite a bit of trouble together. Weasel, what was the best thing you guys ever got away with? Was there anything that you got in trouble for that was worth it?


Weasel: I have to give this some thought because right now I'm thinking we never got away with anything. Aunt Lizzie says she has eyes in the back of her head, and I kind of think she might. But I guess we did sneak into the swamp a few times and she didn't find out, well not until later. Then it was too late to ground us because we were about to get killed or arrested anyway.

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As to being worth it, I guess we did a lot to help out Cenozo and the other alligators, so maybe going into the swamp was worthwhile. Oh, and just so you know, going into the swamp was not my idea. Not ever. But Pete can't stay away from that place.

He can't stay out of trouble even if you tie him in a chair. Marcus: For a while when you were thinking something, Pete, it came true or happened in one way or another. Are you still able to do that, and what is the best thing you ever made happen? Pete: Harriet Hadley's teaching me about how to handle that kind of stuff. I'm getting better. Like, last time I thought about ice cream I didn't get ten gallons all at once. I only got a cone for me and one for Weasel. Pretty cool, huh? But the best thing I ever made happen is still the Hadley Mansion.

I mean who do you know who can call up a great big house out of nowhere?

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How does it feel to have other voices floating around in your thoughts? Pete: It takes some getting used to I can tell you that. I mean, sometimes I'm having this "conversation" with Harriet, and then I'll blurt out something to her, and Weasel will go all "What did you say? It's hard. But being with Harriet and Weasel is hard anyway.

One is bossy. One is stubborn. Pete, you have an alligator. How is Fanon doing, and do you like having a unique familiar? What was the scariest part for you? Weasel: Have you ever been up to your neck in swamp water?

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I mean, there are serious snakes in that water, and snorkeling with alligators takes some getting used to. Of course, being arrested wasn't the best time of my life either, but the sheriff's not as scary as snakes and alligators. Do you have some new adventures coming up? Weasel: Adventures are Pete's department.