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Trip combines on the water casting instruction with two days of guided fishing.


Tack on an extra day or two of guided fishing with us. Based on availability we can offer you day trips before or after the course dates. This is the perfect way to extend the course and spend some time swinging flies here in BC! If you have questions and want to contact Tim directly his email is tim myflyshop. When setting up this course we wanted to make it fun and easy for people.

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Space is limited to six people, for the most personalized attention. Below is an itinerary of what to expect.

Monofilament vs fluorocarbon.

This is a great opportunity to create your own Perfect Setup for your home waters, or any fishery you may be visiting in the future. That said, we've spent countless days on the Grande Ronde, so if you're looking for our favorites, we feel confident in suggesting the following Perfect Setups for Grande Ronde steelhead.

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spey casting instruction

Sage on The Water Spey School. The fly line will then progress over the river, unfurling the energised loop the D Loop as it goes, and the line, leader and the fly should end up towards the other side of the river target.

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  • The Double Spey cast may be considered easier to perform than the Single Spey, but only because this cast can be performed more slowly and deliberately, and corrections more easily made during elements of the cast. It is a sustained anchor cast in that some of the fly line stays in contact with the water at all times until the final forward casting stroke is made. This Double Spey cast is useful in downstream winds. These are the most common steps to achieve a Double Spey cast for a caster on river right - looking downstream, either the bank you are standing on or are nearest to is on your right :.

    Start with the line and fly downstream to your right.

    How to Spey Cast (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    The line, leader and fly will come upstream towards you, and the fly and leader should end up about a rod length away from your position, downstream and out into the river some. The tip of the rod is upstream of your position.

    CJT Speycasting

    The rod tip is then swung out and around horizontally and quickly downstream, resulting in the line upstream of your position being gradually lifted or ripped from the water downstream, but not moving the 'anchored' position of the fly and leader; as you move the rod out and around downstream, the line follows the rod tip, and you will continue this rotation of the rod and lift the rod tip gradually as the rod tip passes your right shoulder, and the line will then follow to create the D loop downstream and behind your position; 5.

    This technique was developed on the River Spey in Scotland. The cast measured From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Retrieved Spey Casting. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole.

    Which Spey Cast Should I Use?

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