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We know that trying to juggle college with the demands of family, work, and life can get a little crazy. This infographic showcases some stress management strategies for college students. Take a deep breath and enjoy.

Managing Job and Work Stress

Take an already-busy life that may include work and family obligations, add college classes and studying, sprinkle in exams, budgeting, and other interests, and then try to have a social life on top of it all However, it's not all bleak. Let's look at some ways college students can alleviate stress, succeed in college, and live healthy, balanced lives. Did you know that an unhealthy diet can increase your stress levels?

When you eat healthy, you equip your body with the nutrition it needs to fight stress. Avoid high-fat, high-sugar foods and go easy on the caffeine.

Managing Stress | Making Choices | DEAL | Samaritans

This is one of the best things you can do to reduce stress. Exercise produces endorphins, the feel-good chemicals that act as natural painkillers, and it also improves sleep, which in turn reduces stress. Try walking, jogging, or yoga. You need a break most when you believe you don't have time to take a break.

Activity One

Find a new hobby, play sports, paint, draw, garden—do something that gives you an outlet from the tension of everyday life. Having a strong support system is vital to weathering stressful times and living a joyful life. Rachel Lynn Foley, a solo bankruptcy practitioner in Independence, Missouri, experienced loneliness because as a solo she does not have the opportunity to strategize or share ideas with other lawyers.

Rachel Fry, a clinical psychologist from Birmingham, Alabama, who frequently works with lawyers, says the intense workload and inability to mesh work with life can create loneliness and isolation issues for lawyers. And as a result, already independent by nature, students isolated themselves even more.

The sense that you do not belong is a major contributor to feeling loneliness and isolation. Mark Perlmutter, a lawyer turned therapist in San Francisco, says the first step toward breaking the loneliness is to name the problem.

The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale

The next step is to extend ourselves—that is, make an effort to reach out to people with whom we might want to be friends. Lawyers can make it a priority to connect with other people and find activities that help break up the day. Read more If stress is either too high or too prolonged it can begin to have the opposite effect and begin to decrease our ability to perform well or even function.

Noticing the signs and where your limits are will help you know when you need self-care and to balance your study with other things. Looking after yourself is your responsibility, because you know yourself better than anyone else does …well almost better than your parents do! Self-care is extremely important during times that we predict will be stressful.

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The advantage of predictable stress is that we can prepare for it and put self-care plans in place to manage the impact of this time. Self-care includes basic daily activities you engage in that will help you relax and maintain good health.

It is very important to eat well and regularly, get between hours of sleep during the night! When we are under too much stress, our brain releases chemicals which tell our body to respond in ways that can sometimes be unhelpful during exams. By taking slow and controlled breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, we restore the balance of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in our blood stream which works to reduce the stress response in our body and brain.

We often resent our anxiety and how nervous or negative it can make us feel when going into exam time.