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Whether intentional or an honest oversight, colleagues may take credit where it isn't due. Here are seven tips to respond like a professional. You care about your job, so when someone steals your idea it's natural to be upset. In fact, your emotions may sway from disgust to defeat.

Someone Stole Your Design? 3 Ways to Fight Back.

The first step is to notice what what arises for you. Developing the self-awareness to deal with the emotions that come up and act on them constructively is key. This might mean taking time to calm down, perhaps by channeling your anger into a sweat-breaking workout. For others, it may involve processing hurt or disappointment by talking with a mentor or journaling.

It's also completely okay to stand up for yourself in the moment. Taking action in the moment creates a strong boundary that will pay off in the future.

If someone takes credit for your ideas in a meeting you can say, "That's exactly the strategy I suggested we try yesterday. Let's revisit the plans. If you confront the person directly, start by asking questions instead of making accusations. This shifts the burden of proof to the offending party, who then will have to explain why they took credit for the project or idea. Of course, no matter how you approach the conversation, the person may also deny it happened, suggest she may do it again, or imply that she did it to undermine you.

As a result, many professionals never learn how to promote themselves in a healthy way. You might say, "Thanks, I'm glad you liked my work. I stayed late yesterday to finish and I think it paid off. Talk with your boss before beginning work on a project. Create a plan for getting buy-in for the initiative across the company. Set expectations by posing questions like:. Keep the door open to revisit these agreements. Consider sharing your best ideas by explaining them to groups instead of to one colleague.

Document them in memos and emails. I was on talk shows and everything.

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They worked me to the bone on several book tours that took in thirty-four US cities if you count Minneapolis—St Paul as two places. I flew in a private plane once. Everything was lovely I, absolutely lovely, except for the bits that were horrible. Living the dream, I was! But the wheel of fate has turned again and I find myself in very different, more humbling circumstances. Adjusting to the latest twist my life has taken has been painful but ultimately rewarding. I hit the delete key until all mention of money has disappeared, then start typing again.

Fair play to me.

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In Twitterland we were having a great old chat about summer having finally arrived. Every time it seemed like the discussion might be about to taper off, someone new came in and reignited the whole thing. We discussed fake tan, cos lettuce, shameful feet. I remember reading somewhere that the chemicals produced in the brain by a lengthy Twitter session are similar to those produced by cocaine.

I will work now. I will, I will, I will. It is! In he comes, slamming the front door and throwing his wretched yoga mat onto the hall floor. I can sense every move that yoga mat makes. It hates me too. I jump up to say hello even though Jeffrey hates me almost as much as his yoga mat does.

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About five years, give or take, basically since the moment he hit thirteen. He looks exactly like his father did at that age.

Someone stole my password and deleted my gmail account. How can i get it back?

I coax the story out of him. The front, however, is not so good. I knew it had the potential to go rogue and my life has been one long battle to contain it. Jeffrey swings a shopping bag of peppers at me, with what can only be called aggression. He wants to cook. As he searches for his niche in life, he combines risibly mismatched ingredients and makes me eat the results. Just as well I have a stash of Jaffa Cakes in my bedroom, so big it almost covers an entire wall.

Buy from Waterstones Amazon. Read extract. Height: average. Recent life events: dramatic. The Sunday Mirror. Marie Claire. Daily Express.

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